photo props


  • the chance to create
  • being different
  • not fitting in
  • being misunderstood
  • being scared
  • finding a small part of ourselves so we can make better stuff
  • the influence creativity provides
  • the responsibility creativity requires
  • great friends
  • amazing family
  • great organizations
  • bad circumstances
  • limits
  • limits to break
  • constraints
  • purpose
  • possibility
  • passion
  • hustle
  • the people who doubt us
  • those who cheer for us
  • the haters
  • the lovers
  • the ones we confuse
  • high expectations
  • the chance to make art and history…every. single. day.
  • permission to fail
  • the drive to never be safe
  • the chance to do something that has never been done
  • and YOU!

What are you thankful for?]

Happy Thanksgiving.

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