Fixing Fixation

Creative work would be so much easier if we could just put all of our data into a formula, push a button, and out popped great art. Unfortunately, creativity is not and should never be formulaic. In our creative lives, we have to fight the urge to approach our...

Worshipping A Holy God

It’s a powerful paradox; God, the Creator of the universe knew that when He created us we would be imperfect creations. Not only would we be blemished creations, but He would love us because of the blemishes, the cracks, and the flaws – they would become...

Get A Free Social Media Map That Will Reduce Your Stress

One of the most frustrating things about managing social media for your church is that moment when you are sitting there staring at a blank screen hoping to figure out what to post today. What if you could create your map for the entire month in just 20 minutes,  schedule it, then walk away. You can! That is why we created this downloadable PDF just for you!