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I think sometimes artists have to be reminded that they have permission to create. We want ideas to appear inside light bulbs over our heads but the reality is, ideas are waiting to be uncovered by the ways we approach our work. Ideas are around, waiting to be discovered, it is our job to make sure we are setting ourselves and our teammates up to win, capture these ideas, and transition them to momentum inside of our organizations. Here are a few reminders of how to get in the right posture to be our creative best:

  • Create in community – Don’t be a lone ranger. Input & diversity help us be better creatively.
  • Document every idea – Write it down. Take a picture. Don’t take ideas for granted. When we don’t capture them they will fly away.
  • Change the Canvas – Find a new spot. Go offsite. Work in a different office. Visit a coffee shop. Change the canvas to change the perspective.
  • Listen – Allow music to create atmosphere. Change it. Turn it up. Listen to something you know and something new.
  • Talk – Talk to people in different departments or organizations. Get new and varying perspectives.
  • Re-frame – Find new ways to look at your project or ideas. Redefine your challenge from time to time.
  • Go Back To The Question – Why are we doing this? What are we trying to accomplish? How will this be used? Where will this be used?
  • Change The Routine – Change something in your routine. Drive a different way to work. Use a different entrance. Sit in a different seat.
  • Sprint – Write down as many ideas as possible in 5 minutes.
  • Pump The Gas – When you face resistance ask how you can make something better out of this situation?
  • Beat the Early Bird – Be the first one in the office. Arrive before anyone else and get a start on the day that changes your perspective.
  • Readers R Leaders – Read a blog (you already are), read a book, read a magazine.
  • Trust What You Know – You have refined your instincts so trust them.
  • Get Up – Be willing to get up and walk around every 20 minutes to keep perspectives fresh.
  • Don’t Be A Ball Hog – Invite your boss and co-workers into conversations about projects and ideas.
  • Press Pause – Take a break from ideas or projects in order to see more clearly what you actually are creating.

This is just a starter list. What have you found that works best for you? Share with the rest of us!

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