Some Things Don’t Change

As artists we have a chance to leave a legacy in the world that is deep, rich, and full of life transformation. We get to share one of the most amazing stories ever told. We have the chance to paint pictures, write songs, make films, and communicate hope. In a recent...

Worship Leader Process: Sarah Macintosh

Excited about the third week of reviewing some awesome worship leaders Creative Process. You can catch up if you are behind (Jon Egan, Paul Baloche). Also, don’t forget, we are giving away Dre Beats. To enter you simply have to retweet this post or post in on...

Using Twitter to be more creative

Photo Props Twitter is a fantastic resource, but have you taken the time to consider it a creative resource? Here are 7 ways we use Twitter to enhance our creativity. Listen. Find out what songs others are using in their services. We use twitter every week to spy on...

GetYour Free Social Media Map - As Well As 7 Other FREE Resources!

 What if you could create your map for the entire month in just 20 minutes, schedule it, then walk away. You can!

That is why we created this downloadable PDF just for you! One of the most frustrating things about managing social media for your church is that moment when you are staring at a blank screen hoping to figure out what to post today. This changes today. 

Additionally, we have a ton of other resources available for you at