Recognizing and Accepting Ideas

Creative people create – nothing novel there. Organizations desire creativity and seek out the best creative talent they can get their hands on to come in and innovate. Then comes the tension. People claim to want creative ideas to help innovate and move their...

Show & Tell

When I was a kid in school I loved show and tell. It was so much fun seeing other kids get the chance to talk about things that excited them, stuff they were passionate about, what they cared about, and what had a small piece of their little hearts. Show and tell days...

Becoming A Creative Samurai

I believe. I believe that the creative community at Cross Point has potential that is out of this world. Between staff and volunteers, I really think that God is going to do some amazing things with our crew of creative people to touch our community, our city, and the...

GetYour Free Social Media Map - As Well As 7 Other FREE Resources!

 What if you could create your map for the entire month in just 20 minutes, schedule it, then walk away. You can!

That is why we created this downloadable PDF just for you! One of the most frustrating things about managing social media for your church is that moment when you are staring at a blank screen hoping to figure out what to post today. This changes today. 

Additionally, we have a ton of other resources available for you at