Learn. Then learn some more. Then keep learning…

“What classes can I take to do that?”

It’s a common question and honestly a really good one – but not really practical when it comes to creativity. Creativity is about instincts and experiences more than it is about lessons and lectures.

The New York Times ran a story a few weeks ago about Bret Turner – a freshman at Hamilton College. Bret thought it would be beneficial to his education to ask every teacher one question: “Why is X (your field of specialty) important?” Needless to say, Bret made some waves with this line of questioning. During his term at Hamilton, Bret asked 200 of 223 professors this question. When asked why, the answer was simple: “I have shallow interests.” It actually was a brilliant way to learn a little about a lot.

Recent research supports data that indicates the most creative people in the world are people who know a little about a lot. Psychologists have coined the term “T-Shaped Thinkers” to describe this type of creative learner. The concept is shallow knowledge on a variety of things and depth in one specific area. In order to maximize our full creative potential, we need to be able to speak into generalizations not just a specialized area.

It’s vital that we Learn. Then learn some more. Then keep learning…

Make sure you’re investing in you. Read. Write. Develop. Fight to keep learning so you can keep developing as a creative and a creative leader.


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