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This equation is true no matter how you cut it:

You can have a million dollar idea but, with no execution, it’s not worth a dollar.


If you have a one dollar idea and you execute it a million times, you get a million dollars. 

The magic of successful creativity is in the execution. It’s sweaty, dirty, and intentional. It’s beyond sharing an idea, sending an email, or spouting off knowledge, execution is about digging deep to produce results.

So here is the unsexy, not-what-most-of-us-want-to-hear, hard work required truth about successful creativity:

  1. Problem – Identify it.
  2. Idea – This might solve it.
  3. Brave – Share it.
  4. Plan – Build it. Be intentional.
  5. Questions – Ask them. Lots. Dig deep and turn over every possible scenario that could make your plan better.
  6. Plot – Assign action to every item with dates and expectations. This drives accountability that may not be comfortable, but moves the ball forward.
  7. Execute – Start it. Today. Every day. Work each day to move forward. Push the ball. Move the idea. Add that brick that helps build the wall.

Call it whatever you want, the secret is out: ideas are sexy…execution is not. But when the desire to see an idea succeed is greater than the pain of not achieving the result, it becomes time to start moving.

You have what it takes; do what you can to give your best ideas the chance they deserve to live and be successful.



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