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Michael Jordan had one. Tiger Woods had one, too. The truth is everyone needs a good coach. Whether you work with a staff, with volunteers, or in a business, coaching is vital to the success of your team. So why is it that, when it comes to creative work, we avoid having someone who can coach us; why are we afraid to step into the role of being a coach?

Having and becoming a coach are not just a good ideas, they’re vital to the success of amazing creative teams. So what are some of the values of good coaching?

Coaching sees potential – Potential in ideas, people, and opportunities. Good coaches see the “diamonds in the rough,” they see through hype. Potential matters and often goes unnoticed without a good coach.

Coaches provide perspective – Perspective matters when it comes to the work we do. Perspective pulls us out of the weeds and allows us to see the forest and the trees. Perspective also helps us prioritize and value the things that matter most at different stages of the creative process.

Coaches create plans – Success does not happen on accident, it takes a plan. All good coaches have a plan or a vision. They understand what it takes to succeed and the necessary steps to get there. A team with no plan is a team destined to lose.

Coaches preach fundamentals – Practice matters. More importantly practicing correctly matters. Coaches preach fundamentals because practicing solid fundamentals is vital to developing talent and achieving our potential.

Coaches understand the importance of losing – The best lessons in life are learned in failure, not success. Coaches understand the importance of failure and the value of the process. “Brick by brick” building is necessary to anything that will last. You can’t microwave greatness.

Coaches don’t romanticize – They understand the importance of execution. You can have the best idea, the best plan, and the most talent, but if you don’t execute on these things, you can’t succeed. Coaches apply pressure that helps teach the value of execution.

Coaches contextualize – Value and correction are vital to success. People need to know they are valued and appreciated. They also need to know that part of that process is sometimes correction. Good coaching values team members, helps people understand where they can be their absolute best, and corrects when the time is right. A coach who does not value and correct is the sign of someone who is afraid to lead.

Have you put value in coaching? If we’re going to reach our potential, it will only happen when we get in community and embrace the gift of having a coach in our lives.

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