When building creative teams, I think we tend to make a really big mistake by focusing on “jobs” more than we do on personalities. Over the course of the past few years I’ve been working hard to round out the creative teams I’m part of by making sure that each “FLAVOR” is represented.

One of the personalities vital to the health and success of creative teams is a conceptualist.

The Conceptualist processes and passes on their ideas and innovative thoughts to others. Conceptualists are dreamers. They have amazing ideas. Conceptualists often are solutions people – problem solvers that excel in think tanks. They have a unique way of making ideas appear out of nowhere. They can walk into a meeting, sit down, and – with little or no notice – begin to spout ideas. Not just ideas, but really good ideas. They are great at beginning the creative process.

Conceptualists make it rain ideas.

The downside to a conceptualist is that, as amazing as they are at creating ideas, they really struggle to execute. The process and management of the idea drains them and takes them out of the space they can be their best…idea generation.

If you are working to develop a healthy creative team, it’s important to be sure you have someone on your team who is your conceptualist. Without them, the work to get ideas will become much more difficult for your team.

What gets measured gets improved

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