Healthy, well-rounded creative teams are made up of different personalities – not just different responsibilities. This misconception is so common that when we’re working to fill out a team, we focus on “jobs” more than we do the flavors of the people who make up those teams.

As we discussed, conceptualists are idea generators. But another key flavor required for a full team is a pioneer.

Pioneers are first. They’re the early adopters. They are the girls or guys on your team who always see that cool YouTube video, trend, sound, or vibe before everyone else.

It’s so important that a creative team identifies a pioneer because pioneers refuse to be comfortable. They’re always looking to identify what the next, next, next thing could or should be. They even get bored repeating successful things and are always working to push the envelope and continue creating new stuff.

Pioneers collect, share, and broadcast their findings for others and often find identity in knowing what’s new. They get bored with “popular” and thrive on finding and identifying something new.

Does your team have a pioneer?

What gets measured gets improved

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