Does Your Team Have An Enhancer

We talked recently about the need for every creative team, volunteer or staff, to have certain FLAVORS represented in order to be healthy and working at optimum impact. We talked about the FLAVORS of the Conceptualist, the Architect, and the Pioneer. Today I wanted to share about the Enhancer.

An Enhancer simply makes ideas better. They have the amazing ability to listen to an idea and identify adjustments that will make the idea more effective, creative, sticky, and all around just better. They help creativity be its absolute best while pushing their teams ideas forward. They are amazing at refining ideas and move the ideas from solid to extraordinary.

It is really important to have an Enhancer on a team because they see the 30,000 foot view of an idea and don’t get caught up in the details that often times kill ideas.

Does your team have an Enhancer represented?

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  1. these FLAVOR posts are brilliant. keep it up my friend.

    also, categorize the first two so they’re searchable like the second two. please and thanks. 🙂

  2. Hey Stephen,

    Thanks for the resources on leadership and creativity. I am working on my Masters in Transformational Leadership and in the process of developing my capstone project, “The Creative Church”. I was curious if you could direct me to some of your influencers/coneptualists on the “Flavors” of Leadership. I would love to see more and/or see how this can be developed further.

    It seems that leadership is often presented in terms that are static and lacking freedom outside of “job titles.” As a graphic designer who found pastoral ministry as his canvas, I am intrigued with the prospect of seeing our leadership teams in churches see the value of creativity instead of positions.

    Since God is first and foremost a Creator and never has stopped creating, we as his children should take that same character to levels that become innovative and cutting edge in everything we do. The church needs to re-cultivate the power of God’s creativity that it might be inherent in us.

    I’m rambling…sorry.

    If you have some influences from books, authors, websites, or videos, I would love to explore them more.

    Keep up the creative work! May the Lord bless you richly.

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