We talked recently about the need for every creative team, volunteer or staff, to have certain FLAVORS represented in order to be healthy and working at optimum impact. We talked about the FLAVORS of the Conceptualist, the Architect, and the Pioneer. Today I wanted to share about the Enhancer.

An Enhancer simply makes ideas better. They have the amazing ability to listen to an idea and identify adjustments that will make the idea more effective, creative, sticky, and all around just better. They help creativity be its absolute best while pushing their teams ideas forward. They are amazing at refining ideas and move the ideas from solid to extraordinary.

It is really important to have an Enhancer on a team because they see the 30,000 foot view of an idea and don’t get caught up in the details that often times kill ideas.

Does your team have an Enhancer represented?

What gets measured gets improved

Every church should have a value around excellence. In order to honor that value we must always be improving. We all know that “What gets measured gets improved.” This weekend scorecard will help you evaluate the parking lot, kids areas, worship environments, auditorium, and lobby. Download this free tool and start using it this weekend. Let’s get better, together.