As people who have been designed to create we often believe we are misunderstood.

The truth is, very often we are misunderstood. If you look back over your life I would venture to say that as you take the inventory of your life you have had very few moments where people truly understood you. You are a creative person, with a creative soul; God didn’t create you to be understood, so where you are today should not be a surprise.

I would venture to say that we are aiding in the misunderstanding of our lives. Self-evaluation is one of the most difficult tasks we can attempt to perform. We are all living in a present state of deception. We have blind spots in our lives:

  • We choose to feed the stereotypes of “every creative person”.
  • We allow our emotions to dictate our reactions.
  • We hold on to our version of truth rather than trying to hear the entire story.
  • We have had success because of our creations and we start to believe we are what we create rather than remembering we are a great creation.

Today, you get to make the decision. Are you going to allow yourself to live in the blind spots of your life or are you going to fight to find out truth? Truth comes through prayer, community, and honest questions accompanied with very difficult honest answers. Allowing trusted people to speak loudly into your life can help you to identify your masks and allow you to live a fuller, more creative and beautiful life.

Understanding is not the goal…and it may never happen. But becoming a better, healthier artist means the work you create will share more pain, hope, authenticity, and character.

Be brave. Lean in. Allow truth & love to be spoken, even if it hurts so you can become the best artist you can be, the one that is going to create art that moves people in a way that is unexplainable.

Your best songs, best art, best words, best films are in front of you…let’s go get them!

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