I go to work every day with the hope that we can make something new.

I am always amazed at the power a new idea has to spark momentum. It invigorates and energizes people. It births possibility and inspires what could be next. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does it is really special.

But sometimes we don’t generate new ideas. It’s normal and it happens so instead we start relaying on ideas that worked in the past or on ideas that worked for other people. We try to bootleg the momentum of old or others ideas to create that spark for us, usually with mixed reviews at best.

When we do this we replace the essence of our own ideas, the power of that moment, with the system of ideas. We stop doing the work. We stop sweating and digging. We stop exercising our muscles. We stop fighting for the new thing that could change everything and we replace it with past success or the success of someone else. We stop creating and we start imitating.

Before we over react, it is okay to be inspired by others. It is okay to borrow, steal, and remix…as long as it is part of the creative process and not a replacement for  the work of being creative, the work that inspires and ignites our teams and organizations.

When we replace the fight for new with the system of what has worked we forfeit our position as change makers. We become the very thing that damages creativity…a widget.

Today, go fight for the new ideas, we need them to get better.

What gets measured improves.

Every church should have a value around excellence. In order to honor that value, we must always be improving. We all know that “What gets measured gets improved.” This weekend scorecard will help you evaluate the parking lot, kids' areas, worship environments, auditorium, and lobby. Download this free tool and start using it this weekend. Let’s get better, together.