I cheer for chaos and I root for disaster.

Chaos can be where great things happen. In order to embrace chaos you have to have margin, which requires discipline. When we are intentional to make space for creativity and chaos it can be a beautiful thing! We get to see the best of our best shine in moments of chaos.

Disaster happens when things fall apart, get destroyed, and fail miserably – all things we are usually afraid to embrace. The truth is, however, if we are going to have magnificent successes, we have to be willing to risk disastrous failures. Choosing to avoid disaster forces us to live in the middle. The middle is safe and is cluttered with a bunch of safe noise that can’t grab anyone’s attention. The only thing worse than being hated or failing is being ignored. At least when we are hated there is passion behind how people feel. When people ignore us they’re indifferent. Indifference is dangerous because no one is forced to be passionate about what we’re creating. When we play it safe, we live in a place where we give people permission to ignore us…which is the last thing we should ever desire.

But, in choosing to take chances, break the status quo, and attempt to deliver something spectacular, we risk magnificent success or terrific disasters. We force people to either love us or hate us…but they have to choose. We create the reactions that separate us from the safe middle, the most dangerous place in the world.

So, as you create, try to find ways to avoid being safe. Take some chances. Do things that will force people to love or hate you but whatever you do, don’t live in the middle. If you do, we will never notice you.

You are not healthy when life is FILLED with chaos or disaster but when it happens occasionally it can be some of the best moments of your life!

What are some decisions you have made that risked disaster? What are some great moments that have happened to you that would not have happened without a little chaos?

What gets measured improves.

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