The 4 Pillars Of Disney Tradition



When a new cast member is hired at Disney they are taken through “Traditions”, an orientation course designed to educate the cast member on the heritage of the culture that Disney has created. The expectation is set in this training that at Disney “We Create Happiness”. Creating happiness is no small order so executives created four “keys” that would help frame the path for cast members. The four keys are:

  • Safety – Practice safety in everything you do. Take action to always put safety first and always speak up to ensure the safety of others.
  • Courtesy – Be Positive. Project a positive image and energy. Be courteous and respectful to guests of all ages and go above and beyond to exceed those guests’ expectations.
  • Magic – Make sure that your area is “show ready” at all times. (Clean, stocked, checked, prepped, and ready to go), stay attentive and be ready to “perform your role”, or do your job at all times.
  • Efficiency – Perform your role efficiently so guests get the most out of their visit. Use time and resources wisely. Figure out how to innovate to improve efficient experiences. Communicate.

It does not have to be that daunting. These are actually pretty simple. When we take these keys and apply some of the amazing creativity God is using in our churches, the sky is really the limit. Imagine the experiences we could create for people who are looking for something that will change their lives forever. Applying these standards, the standards that represent the requirement Disney has places on its Cast, position us to create winning experiences. Hopefully these keys will serve as a map for our teams to help adjust our experiences…and maybe create happiness!

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  1. I would love additionally application of the efficiency idea. It is my hunch that efficiency is rarely practiced in church.

    How do we deal with these efficiencies in discipling believers:

    -The most practical use of service time to create demonstrable growth of maturity (are sermons the best method?)
    -The use of vision over the church year to disciple as many Christians as possible
    -Encouraging personal initiative of spiritual development (are our programs encouraging maximum personal effort in one’s own discipleship to increase overall leadership efficiency?)
    -The discipleship model (how are we making discipleship replicable to exponentiate the church without constant pastoral contact?)

    These and many other questions are food for thought. Would love your ideas on them…your list is a good one. It’s time we got serious about these ideas.

    Feel free to connect anytime you like on this or my site for fresh ideas. Would love to discuss more!

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