We should never take our ideas for granted. Every idea comes with the responsibility to bringing that idea to life, share it with someone else, or save it for a more appropriate time. It is not always easy to handle this responsibility since it is usually met with much resistance from the forces intending to kill our creativity. So how can we be more effective at stewarding these ideas?

Consider this a “list starter” and add your contributions to the comments if you like:

  • Trust the analytical teams and their systems – even when it hurts.
  • Give people space to add their flavor.
  • Develop ideas in community, not on an island.
  • Understand your ideas are not the only ideas that can work.
  • Seek outside sources for creativity.
  • Delegate early and often.
  • Listen more than you talk.
  • Never ignore your budget.
  • Celebrate success, but also discuss and analyze failure.
  • Understand quitting is sometimes a good option.
  • Embrace stories and ignore gimmicks or fads.
  • Never settle for status quo.
  • Avoid the word “can’t”.
  • Impart creativity to the next generation (reproduce yourself).
  • Don’t be territorial.
  • Lead based on creative wins, not insecurities.
  • Fight a culture of negativity.
  • Never allow excuses (budget, time, resources).
  • Prioritize user experience.
  • Don’t allow fear to control your decisions and creativity.

Based on your experiences, what would you add?

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