It’s Too Loud! Every Church Creatives Nightmare


If you have not had someone come up to you and ask you to turn down the PA system at your church at least once you are either running it at 45DB or have only been on the job for 2 Sundays. We all hear it and often times wonder what in the world people are talking about. This might provide some insight!

I love that our music guys (Matt Warren) (Jarrod Morris) work hard to develop worship culture at Cross Point.

Over break Matt was reading an article about a study that was done about volumes in venues. A band played a bunch of popular songs. Then they turned around and played a bunch of new songs that no one had heard. The audio team did not change ANYTHING. Not a decibel. Those being studied felt the music that was original and new to them was louder than the stuff they were familiar with. This is SO fascinating to me.

Every week on our website we post the songs (via Spotify) that we are singing that week. Matt had the idea to go a step further, lets post every song we are singing (sans originals that don’t exist on Spotify, yet) and let people become familiar with the songs.

As a worship/arts team we have the responsibility to remove barriers that keep people from connecting to God. That happens on Sundays but why not let it happen on a Tuesday as well?
How do you help people learn new music at your church?

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  1. At our church we have a new worship leader. I feel it is more of a performance than worship. The songs we are familiar with have been rearranged and the tunes are unrecognizable. The keys are set high enough for the singer onstage but are unsingable to the congregation.

    I get being contemporary. But we all learned Amazing Grace…and that’s how we want to sing it. The last time it was done at church, there were verses of some other song thrown in. Very distracting.

    I now just come in time for the message time.

  2. I just recently started leading worship at a different church. One of the reasons it might sound louder to them is the fact that when people are singing the song, it doesn’t seem as a bunch of instruments and drums overpowering the words of the songs. I have had to learn a lot of songs they know so they can sing them out, but I also try to introduce a new one about every month. One thing that has worked has been either have them sit down during the song and speak a little bit about it before so that they don’t have to stand awkwardly throughout the song without being able to sing it, but rather that they can reflect on what it says. Another thing we do is sing it as we dismiss them from service.
    I love the spotify idea!

  3. This is a GREAT idea with Spotify! How do you make the posting with Spotify as you did here in this post? Thanks for the help!

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