A few months ago we sat down as a team and started looking at social media. One of the biggest questions we asked was why we were not on SnapChat. And..if we got on SnapChat what on earth were we going to do for content.

I love that Chelsea committed to figuring it out. Now we have a goal and a metric we are working to destroy. But why should a church be on SnapChat anyway? Isn’t that the “get naked” app? In short…NO. Here are  a few stats as of November 2014 that you should know about SnapChat:

  • SnapChat has 100 million users
  • Nearly 70% of users are female
  • 71% of SnapChat users are under 25
  • 77% of college students use SnapChat
  • 2% of college students use SnapChat for “sexting”
  • 58% of college students would purchase a product or use a coupon from SnapChat
  • % of marketers on SnapChat? 1%
  • % of the class of 2014 (HS) on SnapChat 46%
  • 70% of US college students social media users posting daily on SnapChat

Looking at this information we knew we would miss out if we did not create a footprint on this social platform. So what kind of content do we create? Like any other social network the first goal is to provide value to the user. We send inspirational messages and videos, fun stuff filled with personality, and information about things happening at our church.

SnapChat provides us with one to one peer conversations and attention, something not guaranteed on other platforms. The MyStory posting option is the best and provides the opportunity to share stories with everyone who wants to follow along!

Want to follow us? SC: @CrossPoint_TV or you can follow me: @B_rewster

So what do you think? Are you on SnapChat? Can your church leverage this platform?

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