Warren Buffett once said that “the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” –

There are only 3 days that matter. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Yesterday is good for remembering what has happened. Learning from history but not allowing ourselves to get trapped in the “this is how things were” place. We always have a reason to look back. But often times looking back can be a trap. It can be a trap because our success can make us comfortable and our failure can freeze us in fear.

Today. The execution. What are we doing today to move forward. How are we creating momentum in our echo-system? What are we doing today that fills us, excites us, and moves our dreams forward? What is God telling us to do TODAY that if we wait could cost us?

Tomorrow. What we are dreaming about. What “could be”. What is possible. As a creative community we have to learn to keep our eyes forward. Repeating our successes won’t help us create anything new while fearing our failures, or that we might repeat our failures, paralyzes our creativity. We have to dream and then chase those dreams with passion, courage, faith, and hope!

We are not defined by our success or our failure.

You are an artist. You were created by the creator of the universe to create and to see the world differently. You have a gift that takes courage to use and most people are not courageous enough to engage that gift.

Lean into that truth today and not the lie that you have done your best work or that your failure limits your ability.

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