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Momentum if a funny thing. It is never neutral. We are either progressing or regressing. So every morning, when we get out of bed, we have choices to make that are going to point us in a direction. Andy Stanley calls it the “principle of the of pathway” and what it means is that whatever direction we are pointed in, that is the direction we will go.

Our direction has to start with trust. Trusting God knows what is best for us. Trusting that his plan is bigger than ours. Trusting that when we can’t find north on the compass He will. Trust him. Today. Right now.

Then, give it all we got. I call it Hustle. Make a commitment before we even get out of bed that every moment, every conversation, every opportunity, every chance we get today we are going to be present, we are going to be intentional, and we are going to give it ALL WE GOT! There are a LOT of things that we don’t get to control in our lives but our effort, attention, focus, and attitude are all ours to control. You #Get2 choose how effective you are in these areas! As artists from time to time we have the tendency to coast on the things that don’t fill us and we unknowingly sacrifice equity and opportunity because we are not paying attention.

So today…Trust with your whole heart and work like your life depends on it!

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