Are you making art, history, or just noise?


“Every Day is a Chance to Create Art & History”.

Sunday does not happen on Sunday, it happens Monday through Saturday. We create and work every day for the chance to share our art on Sunday. A chance to help communicate a loving, caring, grace filled God with a hurting world. Not for arts sake…for the lives of lost people. We get to serve communicators with worship elements. I love what Gary Molander says about art in his book Pursuing Christ Creating Art: “Art is our opportunity to to make an invisible God visible.”

So, we show up.

Every day.

We do our work.

We create, we dream, we build.

We do all we can.

Then, on Sunday, we pray that the skin we have created for an invisible God resonates with someone who needs Grace, Hope, Love – someone who needs art to make the invisible, visible.

Today is your chance.

Create art.

Make history.

Be audacious.

Do your best work.

Create your best art.

Stop worrying if you are accepted. Of course you’re not…you’re an artist.

Stop buying excuses.

Stop believing that the artificial boundaries around you can contain you.

Be courageous.

This is your time. This is your moment.

Forget being normal.

Be the authentic you that God created first…in HIS image.

When we do this, we are helping to make the invisible things in our world visible. If we’re lucky, we will see our art make history – not for us – for someone who needs to see or feel God.

Are you ready to make art & history?
How can you do that today?

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  1. Love this Stephen. Often creatives just need to feel inspired in order to step up and create their art. Thanks for taking the time to do exactly that. Keep it up!! #createyourart

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