“Our job is to tend to our growth as people, our grace and integrity and humility.” – Marianne Willamson

Leaders can be tempted to drift into a trap of asking the question “What Can He/She Do For Me?”

Honestly, nothing. Not a single thing. Sure, they contribute, they will do what they are asked, they may even become a rock star. But asking this question is so the wrong question.

We are the leaders. God has trusted us with people that follow us, so we need to treat each person like the gift that they are! As we learn to lead together, as creative leaders, lets remember that it is more important to ask “What Can I Do For Her/Him”?

  • How can I set this person up to win?
  • What can I do to make them better?
  • How can I teach them to not make the same mistakes I made?
  • What can I do to help them feel safe, valued, trusted?
  • How awesome will it be when they are better than me?
  • What type of legacy can I leave THROUGH this person?
  • Where can I help them grow?
  • How can I encourage them to be a better person, more creative, a stronger leader?
  • Where can I make things simple for them?
  • How will they know I care more about them than their contribution?
  • What if I helped them be better than they ever imagined?

Selfish leadership, the leadership that only worries about how I am going to get ahead stinks.

Don’t fall into the trap. Let your team be the stars and watch your influence change forever!

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