What fascinates you? Fascination is where our imagination goes to play.

Our best and most creative ideas are created from the things that occupy our fascination.

When we allow ourselves to follow our fascinations, we can quickly accelerate the amount of good ideas we have, problems we can solve, and inspiration that we can harness.

Sadly, very rarely do we allow ourselves to chase the whims of our fascination. Instead we allow the pace of our days, our responsibility, even stuff we love to keep us from the things that fascinate us. We chock our fascinations up to fantasy when the truth is they are the fuel for our future realities.

Renowned innovation expert Mitch Ditkoff has developed a formula for harnessing our fascination:

  1. Suspend Reality. Take the time to find space to focus on what fascinates you!  On a piece of paper, create three parallel headlines —
    1. First –  “What fascinates me,”
    2. Second –  “People I Admire,”
    3. Third – “What I Would Do If I Had More Time.”
  2. Jot down at least five responses under each headline.
  3. Look for connections between your various responses.
  4. Write down your inspired ideas. Then, circle your favorite.


Once we have identified our fascinations, we become responsible for using them to help us be more creative, more efficient, and more aware of how the things we have been wired to love can help us change our worlds.

Again, what is fascinating you?

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