Yesterday Tim Tebow got his first hit as a professional baseball player. As I watched the most covered single in a long time a few things resonated with me about Tim Tebow. There are a lot of parallels between Tebow the athlete and you the artist:

  1. He is living a second chance. It blows me away how many of us who do art for a living do it in places, seasons, and situations we never imagined. We had a plan. It was supposed to look “this way”, but that faded a long time ago and we are living a second, third, or fourth option. Tebow wanted to be an NFL quarterback (for my non-sports friends). Now he is a minor-league outfielder. Very different situation, but his attitude is amazing, his commitment to being his best has not changed, and he is thankful that he #Gets2 do what he is doing, today, where he is at…just like us.
  2. He knows who he is and his life matches his words. Be connected to the artist God made you to be. We need you and we need the stuff God has put inside of you.
  3. He is willing to fail. Tim Tebow is full of courage. He is willing to fail on the biggest stages of the world. He knows that without failure we never achieve success so if we are going to fail…fail big and fast. The faster and the bigger we fail the sooner we get to succeed!
  4. He lives with no excuses. You don’t hear Tebow lament about how things didn’t work out because of this person or that person, this thing or that thing. He takes responsibility and goes back to work. As an artist, some of the worst energy you can spend is on blaming other people, situations, structures rather than owning things, accepting reality, and just making your best stuff!

We probably never will get the chance to live our life on the same stage as Tim Tebow, and that is totally cool. We have a responsibility to live our life, fully, with the same passion every single day! Maybe you find yourself in a situation you never planned, maybe your life has not always matched up to who you know God created you to be in your heart. Maybe you are in the middle of failing big. Or maybe you have looked for excuses more than you have looked for answers. It’s ok. God cares a lot more about who you are becoming than he does about what you are making. So today, breathe…have courage…. take the very best next step and be the best version of you that you can be, a superstar, like Tim Tebow!


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