The nature of art is about taking risks.

We want to create things that have never been built, do things no one has done, and try things that have not been tried. When we become audacious, it forces us to accept that taking risks leaves us exposed to what some may call “failure”. That type of vulnerability usually pushes people to play it safe.

Anyone who has “failed” understands the apprehension of taking risks the next time opportunity arrives; it can be scary. Two things will paralyze creativity faster than any others:

1. When we haven’t defined success- What does success look like? What does it mean for this idea?
2. When we haven’t defined failure – What does failure really look like? Sometimes not accomplishing the goal is not failure, it actually is hidden success.

Clarifying success and failure help create targets that will push us towards our goals. This process also contextualizes expectations. As we start projects, bringing clarity to what success and failure look like will help us take the right risks and create our best projects and art.

Have you defined success and failure?

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