Several years ago I kept hearing a haunting conversation happening in the halls and in meetings.

“I wish I could prioritize being creative.”

“I don’t have time to invest in my own creativity.”

“If only we could prioritize being creative.”

Basically, our team had become so busy creating that we stopped being creative.

So in our weekly creative team meeting we instituted a new discipline that is as old as elementary school.


Each week every member of our team is asked to bring just ONE THING they saw, made, found, heard, or experienced. Their one thing should be something they thought was inspiring. Having the necessity to “SHOW AND TELL” forced our team to take a few minutes and invest in their personal creative development each week. No one wanted to be the person who forgot to do “show and tell”. For at least a couple of minutes each week everyone had to go look for cool, creative things just to share. Not for a project, not for a deadline, not to execute, just to be inspired.

When we become so busy creating that we stop being creative we just repeat what has been successful in our past. And while that is safe it is not very creative. When we are inspired we are able to make better stuff.

So today, go find something cool and bring it to “SHOW AND TELL“.

What gets measured improves.

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