The One Thing Successful Leaders Know About Themselves

The One Thing Successful Leaders Know About Themselves

Nobody calls me by my first name. It’s not because I have a long name that only my mom used when I am in trouble. It is not like my name is something super unique like Shaquille. It’s not like a nickname that is cool and descriptive of my physical stature, you know...

The Difference Between Coming Back and Going Back

There is a difference between coming back and going back. You can’t ever go back. Going back means you think you are going to walk back into a situation and it is like it has always been. Coming back is different. When you come back you bring everything you have...

What gets measured improves.

Every church should have a value around excellence. In order to honor that value, we must always be improving. We all know that “What gets measured gets improved.” This weekend scorecard will help you evaluate the parking lot, kids' areas, worship environments, auditorium, and lobby. Download this free tool and start using it this weekend. Let’s get better, together.