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And Increase Your Reach

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I know what it feels like to wish your message would match your passion. To not be able to see the impact of your marketing dollars, message or strategy is frustrating. 

If you’re like me, you’ve always wanted your message to make a difference. To create marketing plans that are not just ideas or a checklist but are actionable with dates, times, and measurable impact. 

I get it. 

For the past 20 years, I have studied branding, marketing, and how to effectively tell your story in a way that moves people to action. I have helped brands and organizations overcome being overwhelmed, confused, and without impact. 

We create a map and provide the lift necessary to execute against that map. 

I have worked in marketing for over 20 years. I am continually studying the best way to share your story via social, digital, traditional, and creative strategies to maximize impact!  


The process is simple —

1Email Me So We Can Set Up A Call

2) Let me know where you feel overwhelmed. 

3) Be prepared for us to help you create lift, get healthy, and maximize your calling. 


Once you email me, you’ll have taken the first step toward clarity. 

I believe it slows you down to be overwhelmed, and you deserve to overcome that feeling.

I will help you learn about yourself so you can lead, love, and live a better life.

EMAIL ME NOW so we can get started.

-Stephen Brewster


What gets measured improves.

Every church should have a value around excellence. In order to honor that value, we must always be improving. We all know that “What gets measured gets improved.” This weekend scorecard will help you evaluate the parking lot, kids' areas, worship environments, auditorium, and lobby. Download this free tool and start using it this weekend. Let’s get better, together.