The Value Of Helping Volunteers Stay Engaged?

It is not easy to keep people engaged and especially hard when they are not being given compensation for their efforts. So how do we build e [...]

Are you saving or spending your equity?

I tell my kids almost every day that “actions have has consequences, good and bad.” The other day our neighbor parked in the str [...]

Do You Know Why Your Best Volunteers Leave?

It hurts when people leave. It’s been said that people don’t quit organizations, they quit people. There are a million reasons why, over [...]

Don’t confuse a mile marker water break for a finish line party.

(photo cred) There is a major difference between a mile marker and a finish line. Some people recognize mile markers for what they are, gre [...]

How Do You End?

The end. When it comes to programming a service we tend to work really hard to find a tidy little bow that we can use to bring each week to [...]

I Failed Massively And It Was Good!

About 6 weeks ago I was having a conversation with the team I work on at Cross Point. We were grinding and developing plans for upcoming se [...]

Y.Moon’s Anti-Creativity Checklist!

One thing that drives me nuts is when we are in meetings and the words people use are definitive but unsubstantiated. Overarching fear words [...]

What Is Talent Worth?

Talent is potential that has not yet been developed. Talent alone is not all that special. Everyone has some. The question is what are we go [...]

I have to fight the status quo and so do you.

I honestly freak out when I feel that someone cares more about my “stuff” than I do. The reality is, it is usually not true, but often [...]

Stop Asking For Permission To Create

You don’t need permission to create. The fact you were hired, invited, or asked to do what you do is all the permission you need. A fu [...]
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