Here are some images that we liked from the internet this week. [...]


Here is the stuff we found over the past 2 weeks that we felt inspired by….maybe you will as well.   [...]

Are you growing? Developing your personal creative leadership.

One of the most painful parts of being an artist is dealing with the discomfort that comes when we realize we are not growing. Growth is vit [...]

I have an idea…now what?

In 1939 James Webb Young, an advertising executive created the “Technique for Producing Ideas.” While this list may be older than anyone [...]

Fighting Volunteer or Team Burn Out

We have all been there. The passion is gone, the excitement is missing, and the responsibilities just keep coming, and we are fighting to ca [...]

MONDAY // Graphic Design Inspiration

Here are some of the best designs we could find on the internet this week. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to post your own. [...]

Why Does Creativity Matter In The Church?

I believe that creativity in the church matters. It matters because Creativity Is An Expression Of God’s Plan. He created the earth an [...]

29 Ways To Stay Creative In Under 2 Minutes

29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE from TO-FU on Vimeo. [...]

Do You Think Creativity Is A Habit?

Do you think that your creativity is a habit? I have never thought about creativity as a habit, but could it be? Habits are things that we d [...]

Are You Believing The Lie?

Creative people are liars. It’s a fact. A recent study conducted by professors from Harvard and Duke University have identified that creat [...]
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