Do You Have Clout?

Author, leader, and my former boss Jenni Catron has written an amazing book on leadership, CLOUT, that really speaks to the heart of a lot o [...]

MONDAY: Graphic Design Inspiration

We found this stuff and thought it might inspire some ideas. Hope you agree. Feel free to share. [...]

How We Pick Our Next Worship Song

I am blessed to get to work with some really awesome people. Matt Warren (Music Director) leads Jarrod Morris (worship leader) and the worsh [...]

You Better Get Your Reps

Linus Pauling was a biochemist, author, educator and activist. He won multiple Noble Prizes for his work in different fields. Pauling was gi [...]

We Have To Remove The Personality

I was talking with my friend Gerry True and he made a comment that perfectly framed a problem that a lot of creative teams deal with: “ [...]

Your Pastor Does Not Hate Your Art Or You

  Photo Props: It might be time to stop being so sensitive. We have all been there before. We spend hours, days, and energy on a design [...]

Don’t Settle! Ever.

  With the pressure to create, we know when things are good – it’s an instinct. As time progresses, we start to settle. With each p [...]

What’s your work teaching you?

We only get better when we stay committed to learning. As a creative, your work can be one of the biggest lessons to learn from. Too often w [...]
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