Leading Volunteers Is An Art

Leading a team requires more than just a title and a good idea. And leading volunteers? That’s an entirely different animal. Leadership co [...]

Where are your ideas?

Photo Props: You have the permission to be creative.  The truth is that it is probably more of a responsibility than it is permission. I kn [...]

MONDAY: Graphic Inspiration

Sometimes you need a kick off on Monday to get the engine going…       [...]

7 lessons you need to know if you lead creative people

Leading creative people is not easy. We are a messy, emotional, finicky bunch. The truth is the better we are at creating the harder we prob [...]

Creating The Launching Pad For Creative Success

Success is never guaranteed. There are so many factors at play for our efforts to start to gain traction and birth momentum. Success, especi [...]

What If It Is You?

As people who have been designed to create we often believe we are misunderstood. The truth is, very often we are misunderstood. If you look [...]

Don’t Lose Equity! 10 traps that cost the creative class

Equity in an organization is so important. Creative teams can create all day long but if the rest of the organization does not trust them it [...]

Watch Your Words And Avoid Excuses! They just might kill your creativity.

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a lot to sidetrack a creative person or a good idea. We actually have to work hard just to keep [...]

Can You Focus?

Focus is where attention and work meet to create momentum. The mind of a creative person shifts and changes based on the intake of data and [...]
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