How much better would art be if I would just Lose Control.

Photo Props: I had lunch with a friend about a month ago. We were talking about creating art and the idea of trust came up in our conversati [...]

Are You Making Art, History, or Noise?

“Every Day is a Chance to Create Art & History”. Sunday does not happen on Sunday, it happens Monday through Saturday. We create an [...]

Creativity, Rapping, & the Catalyst Leader

Brad Lomenick has been a friend for a few years. He is great at connecting people to action, and he is the guiding force behind the Catalyst [...]

Build Trust Or Die

Equity in an organization is so important. Creative teams can create all day long but if the rest of the organization does not trust them it [...]

You Can Be The Most Innovative Person.

  Did you know that you can be the most innovative person & organization in your community? Yes…YOU! It doesn’t take a [...]

When I was 20 I wish someone would have said…

I wish someone would have pulled me aside when I was 20 years old and took the time to tell me that: 1. My problems aren’t unique. Tha [...]

Don’t Ever Tell Them What To Do

Photo Props I am trying to learn how to transition as a creative person into a creative leader. It’s not easy. Moving from being the p [...]

Why Your Creative Meeting Won’t Work

Creative meetings don’t work. We put a lot of pressure on these meetings. We schedule a time where all the ideas are supposed to show [...]

Sharing Is Caring…and Scary

Photo Props We have all felt the tension. We make something then we get to that moment where others are going to see it and we want to grab [...]

Get Creative For Free

Photo Props   It is not easy to stay creative. We get busy. We have responsibilities. Life gets fast and intense. We want to create our [...]
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