Creative Professionals. Is it possible to be both?

Photo Props I really believe that everyone is creative. Some of us have done a lot of work to fight for and exercise our creative muscle whi [...]

Making information feel like home. The Power Of Analogy.

Photo Props: “…analogies, it is true, decide nothing, but they can make one feel more at home.” – Sigmund Freud There’ [...]

Figuring Out How To Go Beyond

What if we lived in an environment where we had the space for our best ideas to thrive? Our best and most inventive opportunities exist beyo [...]

Is There Life After Art?

Teacher, author, and creative Matt Appling has written a new book, Life After Art. Life After Art is not a book about becoming an “art [...]

4 keys to creating great experiences like Disney.

Photo Props When a new cast member is hired at Disney they are taken through “Traditions”, an orientation course designed to edu [...]

Who should come to your creative meeting?

Photo Props Everyone! Why? Because inside we all have something to offer. Diversity breeds better ideas. When we’re all the same, our [...]


MONDAY. Late but still MONDAY. [...]

You Better Answer!

Photo Props: The call to creativity is being heard loudly and around the world. There are few industries where the call is quieter than in t [...]

Has your courage been stolen?

Photo Props: I hate fear. Fear is just a big bully. It intimidates and tries its best to impose itself on creative people. Fear does this be [...]

Should Creative People Care About LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has been a mystery for many, including myself. I just never could understand how a creative person could interface it in a way that [...]

I’m Bored!

Photo Props:   I get bored. Often. And usually when I get bored, I start to drift. I’m just being honest. Doing the same thing ov [...]
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