Your Pastor Does Not Hate Your Art Or You

  Photo Props: It might be time to stop being so sensitive. We have all been there before. We spend hours, days, and energy on a design [...]

Don’t Settle! Ever.

  With the pressure to create, we know when things are good – it’s an instinct. As time progresses, we start to settle. With each p [...]

What’s your work teaching you?

We only get better when we stay committed to learning. As a creative, your work can be one of the biggest lessons to learn from. Too often w [...]

9 Statements You Need To Avoid That Kill Creativity

The culture in which we create typically determines how well we create. As we start a new year, there are a few phrases that I think are cr [...]

The Most Viewed Post of 2013 // Why Our Best Volunteers & Staff Leave

  It hurts when people leave. It’s been said that people don’t quit organizations, they quit people. There are a million reasons wh [...]

2nd Most Popular Post of 2013 // The Rev. Gary Vaynerchuk

This was the 2nd most viewed post this year. Today I had the opportunity to interview Gary Vaynerchuk. Truth be told, I have been on the hu [...]

3rd Most Popular Post in 2013! // 10 Commandments Of Creativity

This is the 3rd Most popular post of the year! We all know the importance of the ten commandments – the golden rule for how we’re suppos [...]

What Our Schools Forgot To Tell Us About Creativity

School often tries to teach us formulas and rules to how we should approach problems and life, for that matter. Anyone who has ever been tas [...]
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