Creative Killers. 6 things that kill creativity and what to do with them.

Photo Props: Childlike creativity is amazing. Kids know no boundaries or barriers…they just create. A study performed by Amiable & Hen [...]

Moving From A to B

  Nobody calls me by my first name. It’s not because I have a long name that only my mom used when I am in trouble. It is not li [...]

Culture Of Accountability

Remember your first “accountability group?” That was so awful! You sat down with someone you knew and were supposed to lay out e [...]

More Than Just A Song

Worship is so much more than just a song. It is a lifestyle. Check out this acoustic version of More Than Just a Song and a short song story [...]

The Whys to remember

Why drives. It drives vision and it drives staff. Why is one of the most important questions we can ask our teams, our organizations, and ou [...]

Sneaker Pimps

This is what Heaven will look like. Thanks FastCompany for the image. [...]

Leading “those people” (The Creative Team)

Finding creative people to work on really great creative teams is difficult, but keeping them is even harder. There is one important rule to [...]

The Responsibility of Ideas

We should never take our ideas for granted. Every idea comes with the responsibility to bringing that idea to life, share it with someone e [...]

Who is responsible for you staying creative?

Photo Props Who is responsible for you staying creative? You are. No one else so don’t wait for someone to push you to get better crea [...]

Are Constraints Killing You?

Part of being creative is knowing what works, what doesn’t work, and what we need to do to break the things we feel are in the way of [...]
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