Coaching Group A


10 one on one calls with Stephen Brewster where we will cover:

  1.  Intro/Expectations – 
  2.  Personal Creativity – 14 exercises to make you more creative
  3.  FLAVORS – The 8 personality types that should be involved in every idea.
  4. Communication Plans – How do you build a system that takes a request and makes it actionable?
  5. 4  Phases of Leadership – A healthy self-leads to being a good teammate. A good teammate leads to being a great boss. A great boss leads to being a rock star employee.
  6.  Social Media / Social Media Audit  – What platforms are you using, how are you using them, and what are the best practices to get the most out of your social media.
  7. Branding – Your brand is what people feel when they walk away from an interaction with you. Are you creating an environment that fits what you desire people to feel?
  8. Series Planning – From concept to a creative meeting to marketing to execution.
  9. Cycle Of Creativity – Every creative person and team goes through a cycle. Are you going through the right one?
  10. 10 Commandments of Creativity – 10 things you and your team can’t forget about creativity.


Thank you for choosing Group A.


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