How being counter-cultural helps us create art, beat the resistance, and become amazing

It is wise to direct your anger towards problems – not people; to focus your energies on answers – not excuses. – William Arthur Ward [...]

Symptoms Vs. Diseases…which are you addressing?

We have a choice. We can treat the symptom or we can cure the disease. 
When we treat a symptom it will return. When we cure a disease we [...]

Talented Vs. Created – Leading Creative People & Teams

The desire for creative team members has never been higher. As constraints grow for organizations, the importance of having people who can t [...]

11 Failures That Will Make You Better Creatively

I wish when I had started working in creative fields someone would have pulled me aside and explained some of the traps that would try to ke [...]

What Do You Control?

There are so many variables in our lives that we can’t control – things like weather, nature, or other people’s actions or intentions. [...]

8 Things You Can Do Today To Be More Creative

Creativity is more muscle than it is magic. When we work it out, it gets stronger and when we fail to exercise it, we get weaker. The act o [...]

The Power Of Friction & Adoration.

Your best stuff, the art that matters to you and to others, only gets created in the balance of friction and adoration. As artists we all ne [...]

Why Being Uncomfortable Will Make You Great

“The edge of uncomfortable is where you find greatness.” – Unknown Uncomfortable can look like a lot of things: Being pushed to do som [...]

What Do You Do With Your Crazy Idea?

“I have an idea.” These 4 words maybe the most powerful 4 words in our language. But what makes an idea good instead of crazy? And is a [...]

Are you making art, history, or just noise?

“Every Day is a Chance to Create Art & History”. Sunday does not happen on Sunday, it happens Monday through Saturday. We create and [...]
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