MONDAY // Graphic Design Inspiration

  SORRY! We have been absent but we are back! 51 images we found on the internet that we hope will inspire you. Which one is your favor [...]

How You Can Have A Culture Of Accountability

Remember your first “accountability group?” That was so awful! You sat down with someone you may barely know and were supposed to lay ou [...]

How Do You Communicate To Volunteers?

Volunteers are the lifeline of the work we do. There is not one Sunday that could happen without the generosity and service of HUNDREDS of v [...]

Let’s Take The #CreativeCommitment

Creativity is more muscle then magic. When I want to get healthy physically I have to commit to doing the things necessary to make the chang [...]

Windshields & rear views…being an artist & a leader

Warren Buffett once said that “the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.”  We are so tempted to look back. But often [...]

Monday Graphic Design Inspiration

ITS BACK! Sorry for being absent…summer has been awesome. Just to help reset the expectation, these are some of the best graphic desig [...]

What Has Your Attention?

Have you ever wondered why areas are losing momentum, why expectations aren’t being met, or how we can make things better? Too often, the [...]

Do you Get to or do you Have to?

Why do you do wake up? What motivates you to create the art you are creating? Do you have a passion for what you are doing everyday or has i [...]

Do You Have Momentum? Is it luck?

Momentum is not luck. Momentum doesn’t happen by chance or by wishing. Momentum is an indicator of really hard and intentional work. Autho [...]
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