Leading Creative People! It’s Not Always Easy But it’s Worth It!

Finding creative people to work on really great creative teams is difficult, but keeping them is even harder. There is one important rule to [...]

CREATIVE PROCESS // Interview with Larry Hubatka & Leighton Ching

I thought it would be fun to ask the creative monsters from @ElevationChurch & @PassionCity a few questions so the rest of us could lear [...]

MONDAY // Graphic Design Inspiration

Here are this weeks treats kids! Enjoy. #TrickOrTreat [...]

MONDAY // Graphic Design Inspiration

It’s not MONDAY but it is design inspiration. You don’t always get everything! Here are some of the coolest things we have found [...]

Mile Markers VS Finish Lines

There is a major difference between a mile marker and a finish line. Some people recognize mile markers for what they are, great chances to [...]

MONDAY // Graphic Design Inspiration

  SORRY! We have been absent but we are back! 51 images we found on the internet that we hope will inspire you. Which one is your favor [...]

How You Can Have A Culture Of Accountability

Remember your first “accountability group?” That was so awful! You sat down with someone you may barely know and were supposed to lay ou [...]

How Do You Communicate To Volunteers?

Volunteers are the lifeline of the work we do. There is not one Sunday that could happen without the generosity and service of HUNDREDS of v [...]
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