MONDAY // Design Inspo!

Here we go again. 50 of the best designs we could find on the internet this week to inspire you and help you with art direction. [...]

MONDAY // On Tuesday. Graphic Design Inspo!

  Happy Thanksgiving! Here are the best designs we found online this week!   [...]

Creating Irresistible Environments

So what is an irresistible environment. It is an environment that exceeds expectations. How do we do that?First, we start by understanding t [...]

What Classes Do I Take To Be A Creative Pastor?

What Classes Do I Take To Be A Creative Pastor? I get this question a lot! It’s a good question but maybe not the most important quest [...]

Fight For Your Ideas

You have the permission to be creative.  The truth is that it is probably more of a responsibility than it is permission. I know that I hav [...]

MONDAY // Graphic Design Inspiration

The best stuff from the internet this week!   [...]

Our Family Has Some Big News!

Friends! Our family has navigated a lot over the past year. Kids, surgeries, diagnoses, and life in ministry. We felt we would retire @cross [...]

Do You Have An Uncommon Team?

Developing a team is not easy. Uncommon teams are never made in the microwave but are slow cooked over time. So what are a few of the keys t [...]

How being counter-cultural helps us create art, beat the resistance, and become amazing

It is wise to direct your anger towards problems – not people; to focus your energies on answers – not excuses. – William Arthur Ward [...]

Symptoms Vs. Diseases…which are you addressing?

We have a choice. We can treat the symptom or we can cure the disease. 
When we treat a symptom it will return. When we cure a disease we [...]
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