9 symptoms of being “That Guy”. The person who hijacks creative meetings and ideas.

Asking questions is vital to a team’s success. Knowing when to ask them is an art. We have all been in those brainstorming meetings where [...]


A few months ago we sat down as a team and started looking at social media. One of the biggest questions we asked was why we were not on Sna [...]

Becoming A Better Creative Leader

Creativity is a battle. It’s fighting for great and refusing to settle for good. It’s being willing to fight and do hard work to develop [...]


I think it is really important that we do our “creative work” each week. We will “hit the wall” if we are not always [...]

Do You Lead A Creative Team or Creative Volunteers? Here are 10 Thoughts.

I love my team. Seriously, they are family and they mean a lot to me. However, none of us are perfect and all the time we are tinkering to m [...]

It’s Too Loud! Every Church Creatives Nightmare

If you have not had someone come up to you and ask you to turn down the PA system at your church at least once you are either running it at [...]

3 Things Every Creative Leader Should Do Today

It’s a new year so with it comes a ton of promise and resolution. It is funny how the flip of a calendar can initiate such a flip in a [...]

Don’t Believe The Hype

So we have all been there before right. You come up with your best idea. You are so hyped about this idea and you feel like this is the one [...]

MONDAY // Graphic Design Inspiration

The best stuff we found on the web this week. Let us know if you like these images & designs:   [...]
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