Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Where are you living?

Warren Buffett once said that “the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” – There are only 3 days that matter. Yeste [...]

Leading A Creative Team Is Not Easy!

I love the team I get to serve with at Cross Point! Seriously, they are family and they mean the world to Jackie and I. However, I heard a [...]

Do You Know How To Build Equity In Your Organization?

Equity in an organization is so important. You are always either spending or collecting equity. Far to often we overvalue our collections an [...]

How Do You Create A Better Culture?

Creating products is the easy part of our jobs. We do it every day and it’s our job. But when we’re building creative teams, one of the [...]

Do you feel like you are losing control?

Photo Props: Being an artist or creative person can be frustrating at times. We’re asked to create things that matter, connect, and are c [...]

Helping Promote Creativity With Volunteers

Most churches don’t have the resources necessary to field a full creative team. We all know that volunteers are the lifeblood of most of o [...]

Preserving The New Years Creative Vibes

It’s a new year which is full of excitement and possibility. It is funny how the flip of the calendar can cause a flip in our approach [...]


Every year our team gets creative with how to mix and match worship songs with Christmas songs. I hope you like these. 2-3 new ones for this [...]
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