Guess Who Is Now Responsible For You Being Creative?

Who is responsible for you staying creative? You are. No one else so don’t wait for someone to push you to get better creatively. Just lik [...]

5 steps to producing any idea

In 1939 James Webb Young, an advertising executive created the “Technique for Producing Ideas.” While this list may be older than anyone [...]

The 4 Biblical Principles For Christian Creatives

Recently I connected with  Jackson Dame who is a way better writer than I am…and an incredible thinker. I asked Jackson if he wanted [...]

Motivation is POWERFUL. Are you motivating your team?

Everyone needs motivation. The funny thing about motivation is it snowballs, creates confidence, and has the ability to propel us towards gr [...]

Are You On The Edge Of Uncomfortable?

“The edge of uncomfortable is where you find greatness.” – Unknown Uncomfortable can look like a lot of things: Being pushed to do som [...]

The Tendencies Of Creative Leaders

Everyone can be creative. I believe it more and more each day as I’m marveled by the way people around me navigate life and situations. Cr [...]
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