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It’s shocking how protective the creative class can get about an idea. So many creative people treat their ideas like it’s the last one they will ever have, or at least the last good one. We get so paranoid about our ideas that we hide them, guard them, and rarely let them ever see the light of day. Ironically enough, most of these ideas have some element of being borrowed, stolen, or adapted anyway. The truth is, there are two things that we should always count on when it comes to our ideas:

  • We can stop protecting our ideas because we will have more. Our best ideas are always ahead of us. As creative people, we are always coming up with ideas. It’s what we do. The more we use our creative muscle and practice coming up with ideas, the stronger, better, and more powerful our creation process and ideas become. We should never buy the lie that our best ideas are behind us. If we are breathing and have the ability to create, the potential exists for us to come up with our absolute best stuff – TODAY and TOMORROW! We should stop wasting so much of our energy on protecting an idea and start to focus more energy on executing that great idea, an idea that might change the world.
  • We can stop protecting our ideas because very few people have the hustle necessary to make those ideas come to life. One of the most amazing things about an idea is that it usually has your DNA embedded inside it. The creator of an idea understands its unique character; a character that only those closest associated to the idea understand. They see how it should be executed and to whom it will matter – the most important parts. Further, the creator of the idea brings their own filter, experience, and history to the idea. No one else has that back story to apply to the idea. The best someone else can do is imitate it. Finally, the hustle we bring to our ideas is uniquely our own. Hustle is not just the work, it’s the approach we bring to the work. In this case, it’s the unique approach we bring and our plan to take over the world with these most amazing new ideas!

So, stop freaking out. Stop being so paranoid. You are creative. You create stuff. Start sharing your ideas. Start collaborating. Rather than being an idea hoarder, start being free with ideas. Share them. Give them away. Start helping other people come up with better ideas. The more we intentionally act freely with ideas, the faster the next idea gets a chance to be birthed, developed, and executed.

Do you battle protecting your ideas or do you live free and share ideas? Why?

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