Football Sunday is a collection of free media resources for churches to use on Super Bowl Sunday, created to introduce believers and non-believers to NFL athletes, many of whom are playing in this year’s Super Bowl. This evangelistic media presentation points unapologetically toward Jesus, and displays how these athletes are decreasing so that the life of Christ might increase in and through them. Hear stories from quarterback Kirk Cousins, quarterback Case Keenum and linebacker Demario Davis. It’s all hosted by New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson, on location in New Orleans. The Football Sunday movement has gone global, and this year promises to speak to your church and your community.

We have created this 4 page PDF for you to use in planning the best Super Weekend ever. A way to move your church to action, have fun, and share the gospel with people looking to celebrate football. Simply click the button, add your email, and download the link. 


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