I want to encourage people to be brave enough to be their creative best. You have more inside you to offer and God has called you to be the best.  Jackie and our four amazing kids love living a creative and adventurous life! You can follow me on Insta or Snap  at @B_rewsterI love to connect so feel free to email me 

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  1. Love your stuff. Keep going. 
    I’m starting up the scenic design deaprtment at Gateway Church and love seeing your posts. 

    Be a lighthouse 

  2. II’m Great insight on “inspiration”. Thanks. Of course, for me, these are words for life, as I’m not a professional artist but I do place a lot of importance on inspiration. My granddaughter however is a musician. I will pass your words along to her also. Again, blessings and thank you for sharing your gift.

  3. Hey man! It’s been several years now since you first sent some encouragement my way through my old blog. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you taking the time to reach out. I’ve been reading through old blog posts about my journey over the last 6 years and am so overwhelmed with how God sustained me through a long season of transition. I appreciate you bro!


  4. Hi brother Stephen – It is good to hook up with a creative arts pastor from another church (seldom do I encounter someone in charge of creative arts in a church setting, well, at least here in California). I resigned from my job as an accountant after 30 years, and am painting for God full time now since 2014. I do art shows, sell my painting that way, and I also do worship live painting. You can check out some videos from my previous engagements on my website at : http://www.junjamosmos.com.
    It is a struggle I am going through now starting afresh and providing for my family of three this way (wife and two kids) trusting God that He will provide for our needs. I have stepped out of my comfort zone of having a regular salary every two weeks from my job as an accountant. Now it is truly living by faith.
    I hope to work with other artists in my own way as a live worship painter and provide for my family this way. The opportunities I know are out there, it is just a matter of God opening up the right doors. Let me know if you think I could use my God-given gifts for your church and uplift the body of Christ through live painting. I’ve painted for some Christian bands at their concerts, and at events or conferences.
    Are you related by any chance to Lincoln Brewster?
    God bless, man, and thank you for indicating in your profile that you love to connect…that makes a difference in the body of Christ as we serve the Only One true and living God!
    Blessings, Jun

  5. preparing for my first meeting leading a creative team at my church and fumbling through the interwebs trying to find the perfect biblical words of wisdom to get my team pumped up and found your post about creativity being a god given muscle and to bravely flex it! woot! so thankful for god leading me to you and your leadership and help. people dont normally recognize being creative as a serious god job and i have felt lost and alone in the struggle to make sure people understand that this is a serious mission for the body of christ not just hanging up posters in the church house.
    i will be following you closely and looking for you for guidance and inspiration. (in a non creepy stalker way) thanks broski!

  6. Thank you for being a source of inspiration for Christian artists! May God continue to bless the works of your hands. And yes, I agree to what you said 100%: ‘soon we as the Church will regain our position as the leader of the creative frontier.’

  7. Hello, I’m doing a project for school on someone who has a different religion than me and I came across your blog! ? I thought it was really interesting. I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me, if you don’t mind. I greatly appreciate it! I know some of the questions are kind of long but answer them as much as you can. Thanks!

    1. What is the name of your denomination? Where is your church located? How long have you been a member of this church?

    2. What do you know about the founder of this denomination? What do you know about the history of this denomination?

    3. What are some of the important beliefs, creeds, and doctrines of your denomination?

    4. Describe your liturgical practices. How do your worship each Sunday? Describe the kind of music that is used in your services. Describe the church. Is there any artwork? Do you have ordained ministers leading your services? Are there male and female ministers? Do they deliver the sermons based on the scripture of the day? How long are your services? Do you meet any other day besides Sunday? Do you offer the Eucharist at every service or just on special occasions?

    5. Describe your Scripture and your sacred writings. Do you take these Scriptures literally?

    6. Do you have sacraments? If so, what are they? When are they received? What is their significance?

    7. How are weddings celebrated in your church? What are the rituals for funerals?

    8. Is service to the poor part of the way you live out your faith? Is the practice of fasting important to your faith? Are there any dietary restrictions?

    9. How involved is the laity in the Church? What is the role of women? Is there anything else you would like to say about your denomination?

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