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The Lie You Are Believing That Is Holding You Back

The truth is there is not one lie…there are many lies. They come to us in whispers but really they are screaming at our souls. These l [...]

Why our Best Volunteers & Staff Leave

It hurts when people leave. It’s been said that people don’t quit organizations, they quit people. There are a million reasons w [...]

Is Fear Paralyzing Your Art?

Photo Credit: brian dettmer: textonomy The most powerful weapon that will keep us from achieving all God has intended for us is FEAR. Fear [...]

Does Your Team Have The Necessary Flavors?

I’ve been thinking about this idea a lot. Honestly, it’s something that has come together over the course of several years worki [...]

Nuance of Creative Ministry pt. 1

  I believe that “creative ministry” is a unique type of creativity. Having worked both in the corporate world and in the c [...]


Traditionally, I am not a big fan of mnemonic devices. Usually they get a little cheesy. But the brilliant developer of the brainstorming to [...]


It’s Back! What inspired you this week? [...]

5 Stages of Producing an Idea

In 1939 James Webb Young, an advertising executive created the “Technique for Producing Ideas.” While this list may be older tha [...]

Faith & Creativity

Faith and creativity have a lot more in common than most would think. Both are important to how we live. Both require are core to the soul o [...]
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