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5 Stages of Producing an Idea

In 1939 James Webb Young, an advertising executive created the “Technique for Producing Ideas.” While this list may be older tha [...]

Faith & Creativity

Faith and creativity have a lot more in common than most would think. Both are important to how we live. Both require are core to the soul o [...]

Stop Comparing!

Stop. Right now. You have to. The scariest game a creative person can play is the game of comparisons. You will NEVER win this game. It̵ [...]

What Creative People Share…

There are a few traits that the best creative people share: They’re never satisfied – The thought that they’ve “made [...]



There Are No More Good Ideas

Once upon a time, there was a world where good ideas excelled. “Creative” people would sit around and come up with ideas that wo [...]

The Power Of Motivation

Photo Props: Everyone needs motivation. The funny thing about motivation is it snowballs, creates confidence, and has the ability to propel [...]

Creative Process: Justin & Trisha Davis

BeyondOrdinary from RefineUs Ministries on Vimeo. Today I get to share the creative process of authors Justin & Trisha Davis. Justin &am [...]

Creative Process: Blaine Hogan

Blaine Hogan is a creative master. He leads an amazing team of artists at Willow Creek. You can follow him on twitter, HERE, and his blog, H [...]


Check out these graphic pieces to possibly inspire your MONDAY [...]
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