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How do you do your work?

How we approach our work sometimes can be more important the actual work that we create. When approaching our work, there are a few traits t [...]

Innovate from EVERYWHERE!

“Organizations don’t innovate. People do.” – M.Ditkoff Author Mitch Ditkoff is a leading voice on innovation. In fac [...]


Wake Up. Fight. Create. Win. [...]

Free Daniel Bashta

Free like no cost…not free like he is locked up. Well, he is locked up…locked up in the studio making new worship songs. The sam [...]

Brave Is Greater Than Cool

We start with an idea. Usually it’s not a good idea – it’s just an idea. Ideas start conversations that birth other ideas [...]

A Statement Alone Can Kill Creativity

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a lot to sidetrack a creative person or a good idea. We actually have to work hard just to keep [...]

Do It For The Love

We spend a lot of time working. For most of us, our work is in creation. Thus, we spend our lives creating. If you do not love what you are [...]

Creative Process: Josh Reibock

Working on these creative process posts, we want to show how different creative people come up with their best work. In the past we have foc [...]

A Good Enough Ministry

“Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. About e [...]
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