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2012 Remix #2: 10 Commandments of Creativity

#2 post of 2012 We all know the importance of the ten commandments – the golden rule for how we’re supposed to live our lives. B [...]

Remix 2012 #3: Can Creative People Be Leaders?

The 3rd most popular post of 2012! Photo Props Have you ever thought that Creativity may actually keep you from being a senior leader in you [...]


The last Monday of 2012. [...]

Remix 2012 #4: Worship Vs. Christmas

You may want to bookmark or Evernote this post for next year. These songs won big for us. Hope you enjoy the #4 post of 2012. There are two [...]

Remix 2012 #5: Why We Struggle To Work a 9-5

The 5th most popular post of 2012! There is nothing wrong with a 9-5 job. It is more than admirable. In fact, a lot of people dream of the d [...]

2012 Remix #6: Creative People Lie

The 6th most popular post of 2012! Photo Props: Creative people are liars. It’s a fact. A recent study conducted by professors from Ha [...]

2012 Remix #7: Worship Leader Process Jon Egan

Integrity Music and I have decided to share a little peak behind the creative curtain of some of todays most prolific worship leaders. Quest [...]

2012 Remix #8: 20 Traits of Creative Leaders

Here is the 8th most popular post of 2012! Leadership is intangible, and therefore no weapon ever designed can replace it. – Omar N. B [...]

2012 Remix #9: Making Imagination Turn Into Creativity

The 9th most popular post from 2012. photo props It has been said that the difference between creativity and imagination is action. Action i [...]

2012 Remix #10: 5 Things Creatives Need From Their Pastor

Revisiting the top 10 posts of 2012! Number 10 was a fun piece about the relationship between Creative people and their pastors. Photo Props [...]

Changing Gears

  No one sets out to be average.┬áIt’s never our goal to be just good enough. Inside all of us is the desire to be our absolute b [...]
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