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Insecurity, Creativity, and Good Old Fashion Huslte

Photo Props: “Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work.” -Rita Mae Brown So often we discoun [...]

It Seems So Obvious.

We are really bad judges of our own creations. As creative people, we are often very insecure about our creations. We walk through life and [...]

Can You Innovate Today?

‎ We are all looking for an edge that will separate them from the noise in our communities. Oftentimes, the key to breaking through the no [...]

Your Art Your Choice

Being an artist or creative person can be SO frustrating. We’re asked to create things that matter, connect, and are cool – but [...]

Tendencies of Creative Leaders

Everyone can be creative. I believe it more and more each day as I’m marveled by the way people around me navigate life and situations [...]

The Journey Towards Purpose

Chasing all that God has for our lives and our art is a journey. The most successful creative people do not wait or expect someone else to d [...]

How much better would art be if I would just Lose Control.

Photo Props: I had lunch with a friend about a month ago. We were talking about creating art and the idea of trust came up in our conversati [...]

Are You Making Art, History, or Noise?

“Every Day is a Chance to Create Art & History”. Sunday does not happen on Sunday, it happens Monday through Saturday. We create an [...]
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