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Do you know the 10 Commandments of Creativity?

We all know the importance of the ten commandments – the golden rule for how we’re supposed to live our lives. But what about a golden r [...]

Life After The Comma

There’s a theory that what comes after the comma in our lives is who we are:Stephen, the husband to Jackie or Stephen, the guy from Cross [...]

Peter, His Laws, And The Right Questions To Ask

Have you heard of Peter Diamandis? I mean, this dude went to MIT AND Harvard. Now he runs the first private space flight organization taking [...]

2 Ways To Fail: You Get To Choose Which One.

Photo Props: We all fail from time to time and it never gets easier. But did you know there is more than one type of failure? We can fail ma [...]

Level Up Your Art : Creative Process

Anyone who is worth their salt creatively struggles with the idea of getting up tomorrow and doing the same thing they did last week. As cre [...]

You Will Have Another Idea So Start Sharing and Stop Freaking Out

Photo Props: It’s shocking how protective the creative class can get about an idea. So many creative people treat their ideas like it’s [...]

Vision Leaks, The Mouthwash Principle, and When It’s Ok To Rinse & Repeat

Have you ever wondered why the important messages we’re trying to share aren’t sticking? How do we make sure that we’re doing our best [...]

Fed Ex Days – The 24 hour experiment

Have you ever noticed that your best creative work often is inspired when you break our normal patterns or routines? In his book DRIVE, Dani [...]

A Million Dollar Idea

Photo Props This equation is true no matter how you cut it: You can have a million dollar idea but, with no execution, it’s not worth [...]
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