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Why You Can’t Be Creative

  Photo Props I can’t stand excuses. I think they’re lame and they provide the “easy out” for us too many times [...]

Idea Map: The stages of an idea

Remember that moment when you got so excited because you had an idea that you just knew was going to succeed? You became so intoxicated by t [...]

5 Keys To Handling Criticism

  Art is not as easy as data. Data is cold, lifeless, and not emotional. 
When criticism is aimed at data very quickly the truth is i [...]

4 Christmas Worship Mashups And One Original

There are two types of people in the world: those who love Christmas, and those who don’t. Each year, we’re working to build momentum an [...]

7 Lies That Will Kill Your Creativity

  As creative people and artists, one of the biggest hinderances to our work and development is often ourselves. There’s a force [...]

Do You Like To Eat The Bones?

I want to introduce you to Fran. We called Fran “Frank the Tank” last week when we were in Haiti because Frank is a STUD! This d [...]

Use 1 Of These 15 Tricks Today To Refresh Your Creativity.

Photo Props:   As members of a creative teams, what happens when we run out of creativity, ideas, or time? How do we refill the tank qu [...]

Tina Fey, Kevin Durant, and You All Have Something In Common

Photo Props:   NBA Coach Scott Brooks said this about Kevin Durant: “He works like he has no talent. He works every day like he wants [...]
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