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Don’t Ever Tell Them What To Do

Photo Props I am trying to learn how to transition as a creative person into a creative leader. It’s not easy. Moving from being the p [...]

Why Your Creative Meeting Won’t Work

Creative meetings don’t work. We put a lot of pressure on these meetings. We schedule a time where all the ideas are supposed to show [...]

Sharing Is Caring…and Scary

Photo Props We have all felt the tension. We make something then we get to that moment where others are going to see it and we want to grab [...]

Get Creative For Free

Photo Props   It is not easy to stay creative. We get busy. We have responsibilities. Life gets fast and intense. We want to create our [...]

Don’t Look Back

Photo Props:   Warren Buffett once said that “the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” – We alway [...]

Creative Professionals. Is it possible to be both?

Photo Props I really believe that everyone is creative. Some of us have done a lot of work to fight for and exercise our creative muscle whi [...]

Making information feel like home. The Power Of Analogy.

Photo Props: “…analogies, it is true, decide nothing, but they can make one feel more at home.” – Sigmund Freud There’ [...]

Figuring Out How To Go Beyond

What if we lived in an environment where we had the space for our best ideas to thrive? Our best and most inventive opportunities exist beyo [...]

Is There Life After Art?

Teacher, author, and creative Matt Appling has written a new book, Life After Art. Life After Art is not a book about becoming an “art [...]
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