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Story is paramount. Without a story, our products, services, organization and vision get lost in an endless ocean of facts. Good organizations realize this new concept.

A few years ago, The Body Shop wanted to roll out a new product line called “Natures Way To Beautiful.” They told stories about their products and the ingredients they were made from. For example, one display told the story of Aloe and how it was harvested in an environmentally-friendly way by real people (shocking). The Body Shop told the story of these people and the effects the Aloe crops have on their community. So, when you bought these products you weren’t just buying lotion. You weren’t just being environmentally conscious, either. You were supporting a community and becoming part of their story.

In our worlds, our churches and organizations, we have to give our “stuff” narrative. What is our story? Why should someone care about our car wash or our missions trip? Who does it impact or who has it impacted in the past? Why is it important for me to give a back-to-school backpack? We have to find ways to tell the story of our event – not just the time, date, and location. When we provide narrative to our event we give people a reason to become engaged. People no longer want to be consumers, they want to be characters. People want to become part of the story, YOUR story…are you providing them the narrative?

What ways have you helped create a story for your organization?
How can you improve on this concept?
Do you have a story you can share with us?

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