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There is art in life. But in order to have access to it’s power, we have to be paying attention.

More often than not, people discredit the art in their life as commonplace because they don’t feel they are creative or creative enough. We take for granted the fact that we have the ability to create art in things like our jobs, relationships, kids, meals, trips, doctors appointments. You name it, art exists in it…but it’s easy to miss if we’re not paying attention.

One of the first things a person using their creative muscle discovers is the importance of keeping their antenna up all the time. A friend of mine, a songwriter, has written some of the biggest songs ever sung in corporate worship. I asked him one day where he gathers inspiration for these culture-shaping tunes. His answer? Everywhere.

He takes the pictures, smells the air, experiences the relationships. He lives his life. He is consistently tuned in to the fact that the next song may be on the breath of someone he talks with or in the branches as they sway in the breeze.

Time after time, we find ourselves waiting for that “lightening strike” of creativity; for amazing ideas to fall out of the sky and hit us in the head. We go to youtube, or google, or some other church’s website or vimeo and are “inspired” by their work…but, in reality, the inspiration is right in front of us.

See, we control the work. We control if we are paying attention, taking notes, experiencing life ALL AROUND US! Our real lives have the potential to inspire us far more than any blog, tumblr, instagram or flickr. So, GET OUT, PUT YOUR ANTENNA UP and CREATE from the art of YOUR life.

What are some ways you have learned to keep your antenna up?

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