Who does not love a start? Starts are full of energy, ideas, hope and optimism. Starting is invigorating. But, what happens when we lose the adrenaline from the start?

For ideas to be successful, we have to not only be great starters, but effective finishers. Finishing ideas takes longevity. Longevity is birthed out of a commitment to continuing. We have to find consistency in our approach. Longevity means getting up, coming to work, being diligent, and refusing to settle for mile markers while we drive to the finish line. Creative people love starting, but we often get bored, discouraged, or distracted before finishing. There are a million reasons why, and a lot of them are legit.

Don Schlitz – a famous country songwriter who penned “The Gambler” – was involved in the country music hall of fame inductions here in Nashville just a few nights ago. During his time, Schlitz talked about how success comes to those who live in the 2%, which is especially true in the creative community. The reason that the 2% seem elite is because they stick around. You see, 98% of people quit, give up, get discouraged or distracted, or just lose interest. The road to success – or successful ideas – isn’t a road filled with applause. It’s a road that is desperate for travelers who are resilient.

2% people subscribe to the following:

  • Obstacles are opportunities in disguise.
  • Showing up is 99% of the equation to achieving.
  • Getting up again is more important than how many times you get knocked down.
  • Longevity is the new sexy.
  • Excuses are weak; results earn respect.
  • Keep coming back.
  • Keep showing up.
  • Understand that achieving the goal is as much about perspiration as it is about inspiration.
  • Fight distractions.
  • Refuse the seduction of the “new” new.
  • We have to stay and when we get weak, stay longer.
  • Remember the goal and don’t be consumed by the circumstances that surround them.
  • Respond before others react.
  • Commit to marathons…even when they are sprints.
  • Know that hustling is about a mentality, not a work ethic

Be present. Today. Now. Tomorrow. Stop worrying about what is going to happen in 18 months. Be sure you are showing up and giving your best ideas. Commit to being a 2%er. If you can’t make that commitment where you are right now, find that place so you can start building your longevity.

Do you feel you are part of the 2% or the 98%?

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