The True Spirit Of Christmas


These are elements that I believe create the true spirit of Christmas – and also, the true spirit of creativity.

Right now, in this season, most of us are consumed with the frantic pace and hectic schedules in preparation for Christmas. We know what must be done and we’re desperate to capture these same elements and translate them for everyone who will come and experience Christmas services this holiday season.

So, what happens when those elements can’t be fabricated?

This holiday season, children all over the world won’t get to experience the creativity of Christmas without you and I intervening. World Vision wants to make that easy.

During my 4th grade year, I learned about the true spirit of Christmas. My brother and a friend of mine all decided we had to do more for Christmas that year than just consume. So, during the summer when we came home to the states, we traveled with my dad. With each service he would speak at, we would tag on at the end to cast the vision for M.K.H.H.K. (Missionary Kids Helping Haitian Kids). While this may not have been my best creative moment, that summer we raised enough money to adopt a local orphanage. We gave each kid a coloring book, crayons, a toy, and a “traditional Haitian Christmas dinner.” I can’t tell you one single gift I received that year, but I can remember the look on those kids faces, the joy in the air, and the spread that those kids experienced that day. All because a few people around the U.S. decided to donate to a 4th grader with some poster board and a desire to help kids.

This holiday season, would you consider investing in the magic, the wonder, the story, the future nostalgia, the gratitude, the possibility, and the imagination necessary for a child to start to comprehend the true spirit of Christmas? If so, click HERE.

If you are still on the fence, check out this video.

How do you identify the true spirit of Christmas?

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