What If The Goal Was Surprise?


What if our only goal was to create surprises?

When we’re surprised it usually means we’re getting something we didn’t expect. Sometimes it can be negative, but what if we set out to create great surprises?

What if when someone requested a service from us not only did we give them what they asked for, but we gave them so much more?
What if instead of being upset because we have so many requests we got excited by so many opportunities to surprise?

Surprise is a reaction. It’s something we can create. Surprise says you went above and beyond. Surprise deters all the jaded, status quo attitudes that tend to creep into our spaces. Surprise lets us turn forms, maps, stages, etc all into art.

Too often we wish that our cultures “understood” or “desired” more creativity. When we choose to create surprises with every project we work on, we build that culture.

It’s about opportunity and what we do as artists with these precious moments. You can create just what was requested…or we can create some surprises!

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  1. I hit the “reset button” often on my designs & I’m usually surprised at how much more impactful they are the second, third…or sixth time around.

  2. What if we chose to do this in our churches, not to upset people but to excite the culture of the church. A lot of adults have stopped wanting to be surprised. I think if we tried to surprise more it would create that sense of Whimsy that Bob Goff says our lives are missing!

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