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Twitter is a fantastic resource, but have you taken the time to consider it a creative resource? Here are 7 ways we use Twitter to enhance our creativity.

  • Listen. Find out what songs others are using in their services. We use twitter every week to spy on churches big and small to find out what songs are working and what songs are not working in the Global church. It helps us stay in tune with how global worship is moving.
  • Search. Find artistic ideas, quotes, statements, and images. These can spin off some great ideas. We can build on these and come up with some great options.
  • Crowd source. We can share ideas to see if others have tried them, have opinions, or have experience. Crowd sourcing on twitter helps us identify if ideas are sticky. It’s not scientific, but it does provide more data.
  • Learn. There are some great voices on twitter. Creating a list of artists we admire can help us find new art and answers to some of our artistic concerns. There are tons of great teachers on twitter that can expand our thoughts and the processes to how we approach our art.
  • Ignite. When we are stuck, twitter can help ignite ideas. Community often inspires creative “breakthroughs.” Having some conversations with others often can inspire our creativity.
  • Share. Twitter is a great place to share what we are doing and see what others in similar positions are doing.
  • Encourage. The most valued and underused resource on twitter. We can encourage others to create their absolute best art.

So what about you? Are there any ways you use Twitter that you can share with the rest of us?

Who is someone you follow on Twitter that inspires you?

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