Does Your Team Have An Architect

Every person who is part of your creative process should bring some FLAVOR to your team.

We have talked about the importance of every full creative team having a Conceptualist as well as a Pioneer. It is also important to make sure there is someone on your team that can fill the role of the Architect.

Architects make ideas happen. They are idea builders. Architects are the craftsmen/women of the creative world. They understand the ideas that are developed and know how to move them from concept to execution. Architects build great teams and identify the necessities of making ideas come to life. They identify talent, connect the right people, and know the timeline for making things happen. Part of their creative ability is the ability that architects have to see the end product and know how to work to bring that product to life. Architects can tend to be inventors or producers by nature and really know how to navigate other creative personalities.

Do you have anyone on your team or in your process that is an architect?

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