Talent is potential that has not yet been developed.

Talent alone is not all that special. Everyone has some. The question is what are we going to do with it?

When we take talent, allow it to be developed, then add passion & hustle, we distance ourselves from the masses.

Talent is raw.

For it to make an impact, it has to be converted and refined. What we do with our talent is ultimately a stewardship issue. How we handle our allotted talent shows our clear determination on how we feel about one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given.

We might only have a little talent, but a little mixed with a lot of effort can change everything.

Talent and its stewardship requires practice. It takes getting around people who are better than we are, people who work harder than us, people who desire to do things we’ve not done. Talent shouldn’t be measured against others but refined with each other. Community, environment, and culture all impact how well talent is developed. When it’s exposed to healthy creative environments, our talent grows and refines. Likewise, being in environments that do not stimulate our talent causes it to wither.

Sometimes our organizations will position us “to win” and sometimes they won’t, but the stewardship of our talent is only our responsibility and no one else’s!

You are the boss of your talent – no one else.

Sometimes we manage our talent to just survive, and other times we can be a little lazy. Occasionally we’re aware enough to pour into others and coach them and help develop their talents. Rarely do we luck into talent development but, in the end, we have a gift – a raw gift – and we have a choice on how we maximize it. When it’s all said and done, we are given a choice in what we do with our gift.

You choose!

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