Being creative requires getting out of the norm. In order to get out of the norm it requires us to think differently. When trying to think different it is important to remember it starts with YOU!

  • It is ok to define yourself. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and figure out how to work them into your definition. How you define yourself is important to how you approach your work.
  • Plan and Act. Take time to write plans but then start acting on those plans. Creating space to plan and act matters and is vital to moving personal creativity forward.
  • Make it fun. Find ways to incorporate the things you enjoy into your actions. Enjoyment raises passion, which ignites creativity.
  • Don’t wait. Staying the course when things are normal is dangerous. Shake stuff up. If you do not have crazy momentum its time to change your course. Find the wins and multiply them.
  • Be a farmer. Farm for momentum continually. Look for them in the realities of what you do but also in the possibilities of what can be done.
  • History matters. What has happened is a chance to learn. Don’t obsess on it though, the future is important as well!
  • Good doesn’t matter. Good is not good enough anymore. Greatness matters.
  • Authenticity. Being real trumps being perfect. There is a beauty in authenticity. Commit to being authentic then work towards being your best.
  • You will never be ready. Ready never arrives. START. Start today and start quickly.
  • Don’t Stall. Keep moving. Find ways to move the needle on something every day.
  • Cut and Paste is a recipe for failure. What someone else does and works for them is good…but it might not work for you. Learn from best practices but make your stuff uniquely yours.

What would you add to this list?

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