What Is The Greatest Work You Can Do As A Creative?


Do you know what the greatest work you can do as a creative person?

The greatest work you can do is to fight with all your might in order to be courageous.

Courage separates greatness  from average.

Courage makes you share your work.

Courage makes you get up and show up.

Courage makes you take the chance.

Courage makes you stick to it when everyone else would quit.

Courage forces you to fight to be different when everyone wants you to be “normal”.

Courage makes you fight.

Courage makes you build collaborations.

Courage makes you know it’s not right and keep grinding till it IS right.

And the only thing bigger than Courage is when you start to encourage!

Encouraging is putting courage into others. Making a deposit in someone else to learn to be courageous.

Today…find your courage. Then, take the time, find someone and take the responsibility of depositing courage in them…encourage!


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