Why We Do Show & Tell


I am a firm believer that creativity is a lot more muscle than it is magic.

If you are going to stay your creative best you have to do some work, the creative exercises that will keep your muscles strong! In an effort to encourage our team to continually be looking for things that inspire them, every week we end our creative staff meeting with show and tell. Novel concept right? It is exactly what it sounds like…everyone brings in one thing that inspired them (a song, a book, a video, a design piece, a concert experience) and then they talk about what inspired them about that moment.

Sometimes it is absolutely ludicrous and that is good. Other times we have gotten really tangible and actionable ideas that we have integrated into our process.

So, do your exercises. Find things that inspire you. Save them and then share them so you can stay as creative as God intended for you to be!

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