Have you ever felt like you have more work than you do minutes available each day? I find myself daily balancing what is urgent, what is essential, and what is just necessary to accomplish.

No one sets out to create busywork just to keep idle hands busy, but sometimes it happens. As creative leaders, it is our responsibility to make sure our teams are working at optimum efficiency on innovative projects that matter. None of us have time to sit back and take inventory of every project in every department every day…but we should be creating 30 seconds to ask a few questions to make sure that we are doing work that matters.

Every decision has weight and requires time and resource. When we do not have a “decision filter” we risk wasting the resources necessary to accomplish our mission! If we ask these questions and we get stumped, it possibly may not be right for our teams.

  • Why should we execute this idea?
  • What is the vision that will drive this idea?
  • Have we allowed assumption to get in our way?
  • What are the wins in executing this idea?
  • What are the risks?
  • What is the worst-case scenario?
  • How can I delight the end user?
  • Will this idea connect with our audience?
  • Does this idea have the ability to increase momentum?
  • What would happen if we did the opposite of this idea?
  • Why are we fearing to do this?
  • Has anyone ever tried this?
  • Have we measured expectations?
  • What if we took something away?
  • Could we add to this idea?
  • What if we used a different medium to share this idea?
  • Does this idea require more resources than it’s worth?
  • Who should be allowed to contribute to this idea?
  • Do we have an expert in this field in our circle?
  • Is this idea on mission?
  • Will this idea move us forward or create sideways energy?
  • These questions will help us identify the priority of each project we are working on and help us stay focused.

What are some of the questions you ask to keep yourself and your team focused?

What gets measured improves.

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