Tim Corbin, head baseball coach at Vanderbilt University, understands how little wins can create momentum. Coach Corbin practices winning with his team so that, when they do win, they are not surprised. Coach Corbin is so committed to winning that he has his players practice winning the national anthem. Vanderbilt never leaves the field first after the national anthem. They stand at attention, each player in the exact same position, and wait for the other team to break first. They set the tone for the rest of the game by winning the national anthem. Coach Corbin gets momentum headed in his team’s direction before the game even starts.

Momentum is a funny thing. It rarely ever comes in large strokes.

Momentum is won and lost in the little things. As we go into each week, our team talks about how every little thing counts. Programming teams live their lives on public display. Everyone who comes to church will be able to tell if we practiced, if we did the small things, if we focused on the details. EVERY LITTLE THING COUNTS!

If the doors are unlocked and there are smiling faces at them – win.

When we play the song right – win.

When every lyric is correct – win.

When every lyric is on time – win.

When the clock is set for the communicator – win.

And the list goes on and on and on.

Every little thing that we can control is a chance to win.

Sure, the big event is sexy, but it is the 50 little wins we can get today that will set the tone for people to come back and experience church with us again. It’s the little things that will help people encounter Jesus. (Before you start the email, I know Jesus does not need us. He choses to use us…so take it serious and focus on the little things. )

Pay attention. Get all the small easy wins we can so that when we get a chance at a WOW moment we will know how to handle it. WOW moments are created by a series of small victories. Go Win!

What are some of the areas you and your team can create little wins?

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